Cancer – leiomyosarcoma

Amanda is one of the most talented and compassionate health practitioners I have had the pleasure of knowing. Her treatments have greatly benefited several members of my family for which I am eternally grateful.

This past year, after many months of excessive menstrual bleeding, fatigue and dizziness, I had the sudden appearance of an 8 cm mass on my uterus, in addition to three regular fibroids. The size and suddenness indicated the large mass may be a rare and aggressive cancer called leiomyosarcoma. At this point I began to see Amanda for weekly treatments of acupuncture and chinese medicine. Within one month, the 8 cm mass decreased by 1 cm as did the three fibroids. I decided to have my uterus removed the following month and make sure that any potential cancer was removed. By the time of the surgery, my gynecologist was surprised to find that all the masses seemed small even the large one that was of concern. Post surgery, my healing was incredibly fast, painless, complication-free, and I now feel better than I have in years. In addition, Amanda helped my father-in-law who was considering a hip replacement at the age of 88 and now walks pain-free. My husband’s sports injury healed within weeks rather than the expected months. My mother and daughter have also experienced the benefits of her treatments. It is very rare to encounter a health practitioner with Amanda’s level of skill, intelligence, sincerity and warm compassion. I cannot recommend her enough and would be happy to provide any further references.

— Mary Hunziker