IVF support

To whom it may concern,

I had the pleasure of working directly with Amanda during my fertility treatment.

In the past I had worked with two different acupuncturists but did not have any notable results. A friend of mine whom had been a patient of Amanda’s with positive results recommended her to me. Upon my first visit I felt comfortable and felt immediate results.

Upon starting an IVF cycle, Amanda was able to help the severity of the side effects from the drugs. My doctor and I also saw a marked improvement with the number of follicles and their growth rate.

I had tried to reduce my stress level in a number of ways, including; yoga, exercise, self medidation, etc. I found that a visit to Amanda was the most effective in reducing my stress level.

I feel that Amanda played an instrumental part in my fertility success and have returned for support with early pregnancy symptoms. I would recommend her to anyone.